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Looking for junk car buyers?

Looking for junk car buyers?  Good Junk Car Buyers Are Hard to Find. Do you need money in cash and happen to have an old car you don’t use?  The solution to your money shortage might be right in front of you. Why keep a junk car taking up space in your garage or backyard? Because you can get... Read More »

Junk Your Car with Us- Fast and Easy Cash!

The Fastest Way to Junk Your Car in Chicago Heights We all have that one friend that has a really old car which spits smoke each time they turn it on.   Or does it will make an awful sound like a dying animal whenever they drive it?  Maybe it has that engine light on all... Read More »

How to Sell Your Junk Car The Right For The Best Price

Sell Your Junk Car For Big Cash Hаving a junk саr sitting around уоur hоmе can bе un-ѕightlу and dаngеrоuѕ. Because junk саrѕ attract all tуреs of аnimаlѕ who could make their hоmе in the саr. Such аnimаlѕ саrrу diseases that  potentially could bе раѕѕеd tо you, уоur fаmilу, оr your реtѕ. In addition, if... Read More »

Why should you junk your Chevy truck?

Junk Your Chevy Truck for Cash. When it comes to old cars, Chevy trucks are one of the most difficult ones to get de-attached. Probable that truck has been in the family for so long we can’t remember it in other way than the rusted shell it is now. It’s actually a little bit of... Read More »


We Pay CASH FOR JUNK CARSWhy allow your old car waste away when you can make some CASH FOR JUNK CARS? Yes, we pay cash for junk cars! Whether your vehicle was damaged in an accident or had a fault beyond repair, you have two options: You can leave it to rust and be eaten by termites while at the... Read More »

Junk cars for cash in Chicago Heights Illinois

Is Your Junk Car in Chicago Heights? We buy cars in any condition in Chicago Heights, IL Get your cash offer now by calling 708-232-0806 or with our online form. Our dispatchers are ready to offer you top dollar cash price for your car or truck. All we do 6 days a week is buy... Read More »

Need cash for junk cars? Call Now! Fast cash!

Cash for Junk Cars- Call Now- We Pay the Most!! We will offer you cash for junk cars today!   We work with the most reputable car buyers in Chicago Heights, IL.   As a result this ensures a smooth selling process for you. Don’t worry about the hassle of negotiating with unreliable buyers from... Read More »

We Buy Junk Cars for Cash‎

We Buy Junk Cars for Cash‎We Buy Junk Cars in the Chicago Area We Buy Junk Cars in the city and the suburbs and appreciate the chance to make the best offer on your junk car car. We’ll be fast, we’ll tow it away for free, and we always work around your schedule… Cash In Hand for Your Junk Car Now.... Read More »

Junk Your Car for cash Today

Junk Your Car for cash TodayWant to Junk Your Car? Do you need some quick cash in the Chicago area? Call 708-232-0803. Junk your broken down car. We buy all types of cars, trucks and vans for cash money at the time of pickup. We are licensed to buy cars for junk that do not have titles. All you need is... Read More »

Fast Cash For Junk Cars | Chicago Heights IL 708-232-0803

HOW TO GET CASH FOR JUNK CARS IN CHICAGO HEIGHTS, IL If you are stuck with old junk cars sitting on your lot or in your yard, you don’t want to have to pay a load of cash to have them hauled away. is here for YOU! Our professional staff will never disappoint! Read More »

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