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Do you have a junk car in your garage? Do not let it in your garage for too long. There are lots of options to get rid of it. You can resell it, recycle it, put it for garden décor, or disassemble it for some valuable parts. You will get extra cash while cleaning your room from the messy look. It is better for you to search junk car buyer in a close area and you can earn extra money.

There are several types of the buyers available in the market. It can be so difficult to choose the best one. The best buyer will give you the best deal. One of the best ways to quickly get information is using the internet. You will find many junk car buyers online. You are able to book a meeting from their official portal. They will come to your home and examine your car. The executives will say the price details. You can ask for a quote from 3-4 buyers and then decide the best deal.

When talking to the junk car buyer, you need to make sure that he/she is picking the junk car up from your site. Sometimes, the total cost also includes the transportation price. It is very important to make sure the breakup before the purchase. This will evade any misunderstanding.

You should have the towing van if you live at long distances from the dealer. This van is used to take the junk car to the destination. Many junkyards want the seller to bring the car to get a bulky selling price.

Junk car price will depend on some aspects of the present condition, proper documentation,  registration update and insurance update. You can get a great amount from the junk car buyer if you own authentic documents and registrations of your junk car.

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Looking to Sell Your Car for Cash? We buy damaged, totaled, crashed, broken down, and junk carsGet free towing and superior customer service from one of the cities’s largest junk car … One call is all it takes to sell your used or damaged junk car, truck, van or SUV. … We’ll tell you over the phone how much we’ll pay for your junk car.

Our company takes the hassle out of the selling process by making it as effortless as possible to turn your new, used or old vehicle into money. So what are you waiting for? Get cash for cars fast by contacting our company today.

Sell Your Damaged Car Now

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How Much Your Old Junk Car Is Worth, cash money for junk carsAre you ready to sell your junk car for Cash money today to the highest paying, Fastest pickups no haggling tow company? If so call us now at 708-232-0806. We have 3 dispatchers waiting to provide you a free quote over the phone. They will help you access the value of your car or truck right over the phone. We will the schedule the closest of our 15 tow trucks to meet you with the necessary paperwork and cash money for your junk car.

That is right it is really that simple to sell your junk car today for the most cash. This is how we became the largest junk car buyer in the Chicagoland area. No one has the price we offer for junk cars. That is why we buy 50+ junk cars a day.

Our Cash money for junk cars program has been around for 15 years now. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service to all our customers.

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We offer free pick-up service unlike other junk car buyers in or around Chicago that charge a pick-up fee to take away your junk car. We buy any type of vehicle, car, truck, van, or SUV in any condition, old, wrecked, damaged, or broken down. Not only do we provide free junk car removal in Chicago and pay the most cash for junk cars in Chicago, our junk car removal service is quick and easy.

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Are you looking to get rid of that old car in your driveway? You’re in luck, as Junk Car Bid offers car removal and cash for junk cars, trucks, vans and other clunkers in and around the Harvey, Illinois region.


Attention: We have a tow truck in Harvey Now ready to pick up your car in the next hour.

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Fast Cash For Junk Cars will accept your vehicle regardless of make, model, or condition and pay you on the spot. That’s right–the car that’s been sitting in your garage collecting dust for the past year? Trade it in today and do your wallet a favor!

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No Title or Registration? No Problem. We Will Pay Cash for Junk Cars

All we need from you is your driver’s license. Even if you no longer have the title or registration, that is no problem for us. We provide instant offers, free towing, and top payout, no matter what your situation may be.

Vehicles that are still operable or in good physical condition can attract a higher offer. Large vehicles (such as SUVs of fleet trucks) can also garner a higher payout for parts and/or scrap metal. However, you will always receive the highest payout possible when you call Junk Car Bid. Contact us today for free, prompt towing services in Harvey, Illinois, and all surrounding areas.

We Buy Junk Cars

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We Buy Junk Cars in the city and the suburbs and appreciate the chance to make the best offer on your junk car car. We’ll be fast, we’ll tow it away for free, and we always work around your schedule…

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With US Junk Cars’ cash for clunkers auto recycling program, everybody wins! You’ll get rid of that old car and you’ll get cash, and we’ll get vehicles that we’ll use for parts or scrap.

Don’t pay someone for car removal services, we buy junk cars! Sell your junk cars for cash with!  We provide free tow-away services for any cars that don’t run.   You won’t need to spend a dime to get rid of that old auto; we pay you cash for your car!

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